In today’s fast paced business world, access to accurate and detailed information has become a necessity for every kind of business whether it is a small enterprise or a grand one. The information is an asset in any scenario. You need to have access to information that talks about your market, your customers and other factors that influence your organization in one or the another way. After all the better you understand your business, the more are your chances to progress.

There may be many companies offering the data conversions through software but, we can proudly say that till today we are the best of those who can give the highest accuracy levels. We never use third party software for Data Conversion. We develop our own Data Conversion Software with the best Software Team who are specialized in Data Entry Techniques as per the Client's requirements.

Web Creation India provide conversion services from and to various file and media formats, including articles, magazines, newspapers, microfiche, optical character recognition (OCR), optical mark reading (OMR), XML, and intelligent character recognition (ICR). Document conversion can take your documents to electronic searchable document formats as well as PDF, Word Perfect, Microsoft Word, and other formats. We have extensive technical expertise in this area, and we can address simple and complex conversion requirements.

Our experience includes;

  • Data across various databases on different platforms
  • Input or output for almost any media
  • Data from databases
  • Data from or to word processors
  • Data from or to spreadsheets
  • Data from or to packaged applications
  • Data from or to custom software packages
  • Add, remove or change record delimiters
  • Convert raw data into Microsoft Office
  • Text to PDF and PDF to Microsoft Word
  • Data compilation in PDF from Several Sources
  • Data to or from eBooks
  • From PageMaker to PDF
  • From Microsoft Word to HTML
  • From text to Word Perfect
  • From Word Perfect to Microsoft Word
  • From articles, magazines, books or other publications to various formats
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) scanning
  • Optical mark recognition (OMR)
  • Intelligent character recognition (ICR)

These services represent only a small sampling of our service offerings. If you do not see a listing of the service you require, please contact us to discuss your project need. We are ready to explore options and solutions to satisfy your data conversion requirements!

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